Pregnancy Massage

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time but it’s also a giant stress on your body.
If you’re suffering with round ligament pains, growing pains, aching legs and ankles, swollen feet or just generally feeling heavy, then a pregnancy massage is just what you need for that extra bit of TLC.

Relieve the stress on your body with a massage that’s specifically adapted to your growing bump; I can treat you whilst you lay on your side, you can be seated against a couch, or you can choose to lay tummy down with your bump fully supported in my specially-designed pregnancy bolster.

Pregnancy massages are also available as a gift voucher and make a fantastic present for the mummy-to-be. If you need a baby shower gift then please select ‘Gift Voucher’ when booking.

If you’re booking a pregnancy massage for yourself, please state your gestation and preference in the ‘booking notes’ section.